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BRANDON BOUCK is a local artist who currently resides in Draper Utah, with his wife and children. He has spent the majority of his life searching for art in all aspects of life and discovering ways to carve out exciting things that never existed. He has always enjoyed the challenges placed before him and the thrill of learning and overcoming new challenges.


Brandon grew up in the small rural town of Milford, Utah. Since he was young he has struggled with ADD and Tourette’s Syndrome. Drawing and painting offers a welcomed momentary relief from stress and the motor tics that affect him daily.


Over the past few years, he has developed an original contemporary style. His mosaic-like paintings are represented in an open-impressionist style decorated by vibrant and often split-complementary color palettes. Like chords on a piano, Brandon uses color combinations, juxtaposed with limited compliments, that make his colors sing. “Standing in front of one of my paintings with its florid colors excites in me, the melodramatic feelings of a child in a candy store.”



Southern Utah University

Bachelor of Arts Degree - Art Composite w/ Illustration emphasis

Salt Lake Community College

Associates Studies


Exhibitions and Awards:


Park City Showcase - private show


Utah Hogle Zoo World of the Wild

Employee Choice Award

Utah State Fair - Juried second place


Utah State Fair - Juried first place

Sandy Arts Guild - Juried finalist


Utah State Fair - Juried first place

Salty Bike Revival invitational


Utah State Fair - Honorable Mention

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