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MAIN STREET GALLERY is the proud supporter of various philanthropic causes. From the owners work and publications in support of childhood education to the worthwhile causes our artists represent. 


By Internationally Renowned Artist Michael Kalish

Twenty-four massive pinwheels sculpted from 6000 license plates and over 3 tons of steel were created to represent the vast number of American lives affected by Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The DRIVE4COPD national public health initiative partnered with Kalish to create the large-scale monument – 24M: The DRIVE4COPD Monument, inspired by the DRIVE4COPD campaign pinwheel icon. Using his signature medium, the license plate, Kalish created 24 large-scale pinwheels representing the 24 million Americans who may be living with COPD.

The sheer size and scale of 24M represents all corners of the Country and embody the breadth of the disease and its impact on America. As the installation traversed the Country and was exhibited in New York ‘s Peer 66 as well as at the Tampa Museum or Art, the interactive installation spanning half a football field was responsible for screening over 2 million people who may have been effected by COPD. 24M now resides at the world-famous Pratt Sculpture garden in Brooklyn, NY.

'Raise the Caliber' : CAMPAIGN MONUMENT

By Internationally Renowned Artist Michael Kalish

Main Street Gallery Park City
Main Street Gallery Park City

'#VoteOurPlanet' CAMPAIGN 

Featuring Renowned Artist Britt Freda

Main Street Gallery Park City

Patagonia and Creative Action Network

partner to create the #voteourplanet campaign 


"Patagonia and the Creative Action Network aim to create a new activist collection of political protest posters to communicate Patagonia’s belief that our country’s economy, security and future are wholly dependent on a healthy environment and urging all of us to take action and vote to protect our planet. Born out of The Canary Project, CAN, and Patagonia’s Vote The Environment campaign of 2014, #voteourplanet is inviting artists & designers across the country to use their talents for our planet." - Creative Action Network

I am thrilled to have three images included in this exciting campaign.  See them at the Creative Action Network and spread the #voteourplanet word.

"Whether for endangered species, alternative energy, land and water conservation or sustainable food production—through creative, collaborative coalitions we can make a difference. But in order to create change we must get involved. Show up like an elephant: be intelligent, compassionate and fierce, trumpet your voice so the whole of the world can hear! Vote our planet.” –Britt

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