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Main Street Gallery Park City




              "The Very Cold, Freezing, No Number Day" by Ashley Sorenson; Illustrations by artist David Miles.


              "Color Blocked" by Ashley Sorenson; Illustrations by artist David Miles. 

              **2017 AML Award picture book category winner**

The Very Cold, Freezing, No-Number Day  and Color Blocked

can be found online at Barnsandnoble and

ashley sorenson park city
ashley sorenson


Ashley Sorenson has had the opportunity to gain experience from galleries throughout the country. From one of the top non-profit galleries and rotating museum exhibitions in the state of New York to one of the oldest galleries in San Francisco; these renowned organizations continue to foster some of the most knowledgeable and well trained staff in the industry. She has professionally represented both old and modern masters including Rembrandt, Monet, Picasso, Miro, Dali, Chagall and Warhol to some of the most successful living contemporary artists today. She's an award winning educational Children's Book Author with degrees in 

Business and Behavioral Science and has remained a passionate advocate for art, education and creativity 

throughout her career.


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Whitney Hall

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Ari Smejkal





MAIN STREET GALLERY is home to the newest sculpture to grace Park City's Main Street. View "Ode To the West Wind" by bronze artist Rod Zullo at 825 Main Street. Please contact us for pricing information and details. 

"Main Street Gallery is the only ski-in and ski-out fine art gallery in the country. Featuring world renowned artists in the collections of fortune 100 companies past presidents, professional athletes and musicians."



Park City, UTAH

Gallery OPEN

Call for details or to schedule a private viewing


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*All historic photographs are used by the permission of the Park City Museum 

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